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Swedish Energy Suppliers and M+M Turbinen-Technik keep working together

Two new steam turbine-generator sets are currently being built by M+M Turbinen- Technik GmbH for new CHP Plants in Sweden.

Last September, Nybro Värmecentral AB, the primary energy supplier for the southern Swedish city of Nybro, placed an order for a two-casing steam turbine from M+M.

Only two months later, M+M was awarded a contract for a steam turbine generator set by Värmeverk, the energy supplier to the city of Skövde.

The newly planned waste incineration plant for the city Nybro presents complex requirements to the steam turbine design. The high pressure turbine casing includes a controlled steam extraction to meet the fluctuating process steam demands of an industrial client located adjacent to the plant: a manufacturer of hardwood floors.

The double-flow steam exhaust of the low pressure turbine is connected to a two-stage district heating condenser to generate district heating for the city Nybro. This sophisticated system is implemented to optimize the overall cycle efficiency of the power plant. At peak operation the turbine will reach 5.5 MW of electricity and 17.5 MW of district heat.

In Skövde, a city located north-east of Gothenburg, the turbine to be supplied by M+M is destined for a new biomass plant. The energy is used to create combined heat and power for district heating of the town Skövde. Here, the M+M turbine generator will supply nearly 10 MW of electricity and 26 MW of district heat during peak operation.

In both projects, the client was impressed by M+M’s approach to offering customized and highly economic turbine concepts which are specifically suited to the applications.

The continued expansion of M+M in Sweden is based upon building relationships with Swedish clients, and is supported by the efforts of the local M+M Sales representative for Scandinavia, the company Weckman AB, located close to Stockholm.

Pia Mecklenburger,

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