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M + M Turbines provides electricity at the Arctic circle in Sweden

M + M Turbinen Technik supplies a steam turbine generator set with 8 MW electrical power for Bodens Energi AG in Boden (Sweden). The turbine will be the heart of a new combined heat and power (CHP) plant, which will feed both electricity and heat into the public grid in the fourth quarter of 2018. Since delivery in the beginning of 2018, the technicians and commissioning engineers have been working to complete the turbine and power plant in close cooperation with the planner Sweco, according to the timetable.

The concept of combined heat and power, which is used here, is one of the most efficient in optimally using bound energy. As a result, the turbine makes an important contribution to reducing CO² emissions. Due to the high remuneration for waste and wood waste incineration, Bodens Energi decided to build the new cogeneration plant and thus almost doubling its electricity production. In the power plant, the bound energy from the waste wood and municipal waste is released by the incineration in order to obtain usable energy and to dispose of the waste. The steam generated in the steam boiler is used by the M + M turbine to convert the thermal energy into mechanical energy. The mechanical energy is converted by a generator into the more usable electrical energy. The heat and electricity are fed into the public network, ensuring optimal energy use.

M + M Turbinen-Technik won the contract in a public tender and was able to prevail against the competition. This is particularly due to the flexibility in design and the proven know-how of turbines in use in CHP plants. The turbine for Bodens Energi is thus another successful project of M + M Turbinen-Technik for alternative energy generation and a contribution to meet the climate goals.

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