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M+M Turbinen-Technik generates energy from waste

In the third quarter of 2018, M + M Turbinen-Technik GmbH will supply a turbine for AVG Abfallverwertungsgesellschaft. This will generate electrical power of up to 999kW in the waste incineration plant and will also provide heat for the district heating network in Hamburg.

The delivered turbine will use combined heat and power to improve energy use and replace the existing pressure reduction station. Waste incineration incinerates waste in order to conserve usable energy and reduce waste volume. The resulting hot steam is used by the M + M turbine for energy production and the exhaust steam is used by the city of Hamburg for district heating. This will provide heat for the heating of public and private buildings in Hamburg. Unprecedented potential can be used profitably after the delivery and commissioning of our turbine for more efficient energy production.

Special features of this turbine system are the very low pressure ratio and the high exhaust steam pressure. In order to meet these demands, the turbine design has been optimized with regard to pressure losses and highly efficient technologies for the reduction of steam leaks have been used.

Since 1995, the owner-managed family business has been producing individual turbine solutions. In the course of the energy transition, M + M already had a large number of projects for combined heat and power, as this technology can greatly reduce pollutant emissions. The efficient use of energy and heat serves climate protection and corresponds to the corporate philosophy of M + M Turbinen-Technik. 

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