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M+M reaches out for the new field of Geothermal Energy

M+M Turbinen-Technik GmbH is about to take its first steps into a new field of technology. Together with UK-based Green Energy Group (GEG), M+M will deliver a 5 MW steam turbine for the Bjarnarflag Geothermal Power Plant in the Northeast of Iceland.

This is the first commission for M+M in the field of Geothermal Energy, but will surely not be the last. “The project of GEG fits exactly into the machine technology concept of M + M Turbinen-Technik. We want to use our experience in the field of low-pressure applications to create a unique project together," comments Ulrich Heimann, Divisional Director of Engineering & Innovation at M+M. The company sees a big future in this industry, which makes this particular project rather interesting for M+M.

The Bjarnarflag plant is located in proximity to the Krafla geothermal field in the Northeast of Iceland, generating power since 1969. While small in size, Bjarnarflag has been an important contributor to the regional economy, satisfying not only local energy demand but also hot water for local heating supply and to the nature baths at Lake Myvatn via excess water from the plant. The steam turbine with an amount of steam around 65 t.p.h is to be delivered in November 2017.

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