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Another project that Vyncke and M+M Turbinen-Technik did together

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In April 2016 M + M Turbinen-Technik GmbH sent another turbine to the costumer Vyncke. The turbine is located in Krasocin, Poland and has an electric power of 4,56 MW. 

The turbine will improve the energy use of the Sawmill Olczyk by courtesy of cogeneration. So that huge, partly unused potentials for renewable energy can be utilized. On order of Vyncke our turbines will create power at the polish market leader in the timber industry.

Vyncke is specialized in green and clean energy from biomass. The Belgian family-run company in 4th generation uses, amongst other things, the timber industry for renewable energy. Therefore M+M Turbinen-Technik GmbH again is elected as a solid partner. Due to the climate change M+M had realized several projects for renewables.

The delivered turbine has uncontrolled bleed points for the feed water pre-heating. Therefore the bleed will be improved. It ensures an efficient and economic plant operation. 


News Update: After the successful operation of the first unit, we delivered end of 2018 the second identical Turbine Generator Set for a further expansion project (start-up scheduled for Summer 2019). 

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