Turbines for District Heating Applications

Flexible utilisation of district heating by means of multi-stage condensation

With district heating turbines, the turbine steam is, as a rule, condensed directly after the turbine in a heating condenser. In this application, a large working area is demanded of the turbine both in terms of thermal capacity and operating temperatures on the network side.

These turbines are deployed in the provision of district heating both in vacuum (low flow temperature in the district heating network) and in pressure modes (high flow temperatures).

Apart from the fulfilment of specific requirements we have developed an engineering concept whereby the energy gain is significantly improved by utilising multi-stage condensation.

Technical Specifications

Output 2500 kW
No. of Stages 8
Speed 8940 rpm

Steam Data

Inlet 40 bara 450 °C
Bleed 4,3 bara
Extraction 0,5 - 1,1 bara
Exhaust 0,25 - 0,40 bara

Further Information

Commissioning 2011
Location Schweden

Technical Specifications

Output 10600 kW
No. of Stages 8
Speed 6194 rpm

Steam Data

Inlet 26 bara 320 C
Multi-Stage Bleed 6,4 bara
Exhaust 0,76 - 2,0 bara

Further Information

Commissioning 2012
Location Finland

Example of a Turbine for District Heating Applications

  • End Customer: Nybro Värmecentral AB (Nybro Energi)
  • Output: 5575 kW
  • Location: Nybro, Sweden
  • Heating System: waste incineration
  • Commissioning: 2016

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