Steam Turbine with induction

Optimum induction by means of integration of the steam network with different pressure level

Should steam volumes be available at different pressure levels then our steam turbines can be equipped with inductions accordingly. In this case the turbine steam is fed into a centre stage. Typical applications for the use of induction are waste heat recovery processes and turbines which can be used for converting residual steam from production processes into electricity.

The inductions are integrated into the turbines and can be designed as throttle or nozzle group control. Where required we can facilitate combinations of inductions with bleed and extraction points.

Condensing Steam Turbine with Bleed

Technical Specifications

Output 5500 kW
No. of Stages 7
Speed 6180 rpm

Steam Data

Inlet 30 bara 300 °C
Bleed 2,5 bara
Exhaust 0,20 bara

Further Information

Commissioning 2012
Location Turkey

Condensing Turbine with Two Controlled Inductions

Technical Specifications

Output 8300 kW
No. of Stages 6
Speed 5490 rpm

Steam Data

Inlet 11,2 bara 280 C
Induction 1 7,0 bara
Induction 2 3,5 bara
Exhaust 0,07 bara

Further Information

Commissioning 2011
Location Germany

Schematic diagram

Example of a Turbine with induction

  • End customer: Evonik Industries
  • Branch: Chemical industry
  • Location: Worms, Germany
  • Rated power: 4870 kW
  • Inlet pressure: 1,7 bar abs
  • Exhaust pressure: 0,075 bar abs
  • Year of manufacture: 2011
  • Speed: 5500 rpm
  • Inlet temperature: 124 °C

You can find the full Case Study here.