Condensing turbine

Optimum power generation by means of our turbines

The condensing turbine is used mainly for power generation. The engineering concept calls for great flexibility to make bleed connections available for auxiliary steam for condensate pre-heating and degassing. This is also a thermally controlled mode of operation.

Our condensing steam turbines are distinguished by the high degree of turbine efficiency, high level of availability and low maintenance costs and are thus highly economical. To increase their effectiveness, we furthermore deploy a multi-stage design and provide an optimum adaptation of the condensate pressure to the respective environmental conditions.

Technical Specifications

Output 2100 kW
No. of Stages 5
Speed 9186 rpm

Steam Data

Inlet 27 bara 400 °C
Exhaust 0,15 bara

Further Information

Commissioning 2009
Location Germany

Technical Specifications

Output 2240 kW
No. of Stages 6
Speed 6190 rpm

Steam Data

Inlet 6,8 bara 235 C
Extraction 5,5 bara
Exhaust 0,08 bara

Further Information

Commissioning 2011
Location Germany

Schematic diagram

Example of a Condensing turbine

  • End customer: Centre de Valorisation Energétique
  • Area of application: Müllverbrennungsanlage
  • Location: Labeuvriere, Frankreich
  • Our customer: Interpec
  • Multistage condensing turbine with  2,94 MW output
  • Inlet: 29 bar / 295°C
  • Outlet: 0,1 bar

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