Back-pressure turbine

Precise regulation of the process steam

Back-pressure turbines are being increasingly deployed by companies to provide processing steam. Besides the process steam, the additional electrical power of the turbine can likewise be utilised effectively. Characteristic of this type of turbine is the thermally controlled mode of operation in which the turbines are operated in the connected process depending on the steam demand.

Technical Specifications

Output 3000 Kw
No. of Stages 4
Speed 8900 rpm

Steam Data

Inlet 24 bara 340 °C
Exhaust 3,7 bara

Further Information

Commissioning 2007
Location Germany

Technical Specifications

Output 3000 Kw
No. of Stages 4
Speed 9200 rpm

Steam Data

Inlet 34 bara 383 C
Exhaust 1,5 bara

Further Information

Commissioning 2010
Location Republic of Korea

Schematic diagram

Example of a Back-pressure turbine

  • End customer: TSK Water, South Korea
  • Location: Ulsan, South Korea
  • RDF-Verbrennung (Refuse Derived Fuel = aufbereiteter Hausmüll mit hohem Brennwert) zur Prozessdampferzeugung (80 t/h maximal) für verschiedene umliegende Industrieabnehmer
  • Generalunternehmer / EPC: SKC Infra Service, Südkorea
  • Einstufige Gegendruckturbine mit 2,2 MW Leistung
  • Inlet pressure: 35 bar / 273°C
  • Exhaust pressure 17,6 bar

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