Jobs & application

Do you want to utilise freedoms, take on responsibility and actively shape your future? Start your career with us and find the job with which you can make a difference. We look forward to it and are just as curious and excited about you as you are about us. The first important step for a successful introduction: your application. 

The quickest and most effective way for us to process this is through an online application. As the preselection will often be made based on the application, try to make it personal and get yourself noticed by us. 

Avoid the standard letter and give attention to lucid composition as well as the completeness of your documentation and leave us with a good impression as early on as your application. 

You will find our current placements on our job portal

Have we kindled your interest? Then please send your complete application papers stating your earliest possible entry date, your motivation and your salary requirements per eMail to Frau Beate Schulik at: