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Three M+M turbines to Croatia in two years

Since October 2016 M+M Turbinen-Technik, after the delivery of a pair of turbines, is now represented in Croatia by three plants. Earlier in 2014 the first turbine was delivered to the Croatian city of Slavonski in the east of the country. The project was implemented via the M+M customer "Duro Dakovic TEP", a local boiler and plant builder. The end customer was a traditional company - the parquet, wood veneer and particle board manufacturer Slavonija Di. 

The turbine we supplied was an extraction and condensing turbine of 5MW at 58 bar and 455°C with exhaust condensation at 0.1 bar. The principle of extraction at 14 bar was used for the wood processing or more specifically the dehumidification of the wood.

After this project had proceeded successfully, we could now deliver two further plants to the Adriatic country. These were two turbines for our returning customer HoSt – the largest Dutch supplier of bioenergy systems. We designed two identical extraction turbines for this purpose with 3 MW capacity at 52 bar and 450°C. The extraction takes place at 15 bar whereby the resulting process steam can be sold to the neighbouring industry. The turbines are located in the Croatian cities of Osijek and Sisak, both in the east of the country. Additionally, the exhaust steam can be used for heat generation with 10MW of heat at the peak. 


Positioning the M+M turbine for HoSt

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