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M+M turbines in increasing demand in the Baltic region

Now with four turbines in the last 5 years, M+M-Turbinen-Technik is showing a growth in demand for plants in the Baltic states. 

All the turbine plants delivered to the Baltic states by M+M until now were biomass heating stations which contribute to the decentralised and environmentally friendly supply of power and heat to cities based on the principle of power-heat cogeneration. Because district heating networks are well developed in the Baltic states, and biomass is in plentiful supply, small cogeneration plants can be operated economically there.

The first M+M plant was delivered to the Lithuanian city of Utena at the end of 2011 for the local energy provider UAB "Utenos šilumos tinklai". The turbine-generator set was a part of the scope of supply by the Austrian boiler and plant builder Polytechnik with whom M+M has jointly implemented several turbine projects in the past. 

UAB "Utenos šilumos tinklai" is an energy provider in the east of Lithuania and operates several hot water and steam boilers on the UAB "Utenos šilumos tinklai" site.

A total of nine boilers – biomass and gas boilers – are operated on the site for the production of thermal and electrical energy. 

In the process, Polytechnik Luft- und Feuerungstechnik GmbH in 2011 /2012 planned, delivered and commissioned a biomass-fired superheated steam boiler with steam turbine. The plant supplied here acts as base load boiler.

The biomass cogeneration plant serves the production of electrical power and heat and works on the combined heat and power principle (CHP) with superheated steam as the operating medium.

The biomass cogeneration plant consists fundamentally of a high pressure steam boiler with a capacity of 10.7 MWth and a steam turbine with a maximum capacity of 2.55 MWel, a steam condenser with disengageable maximum heat capacity of up to 8.2 MW. An exhaust gas condensation plant is also installed whereby a summated system efficiency of 102% is achieved.

The turbine conceived by M+M was a CHP turbine with 10,700kW at 29 bar and high pressure steam at 425°C. The turbine is fired by waste from the timber industry. 

The power produced by the steam turbine is fed to the Utena city power grid and the heat simultaneously generated fed into the UAB "Utenos šilumos tinklai" district heating network.

The second of the four plants in total was delivered by M+M in 2012 to the Estonian city of Paide for the customer "Filter AS" of Estonia. This was a 2MW capacity turbine at 450°C and 26 bar. The exhaust steam at 6.5 MW was used for heat generation. 

A further plant from M+M was delivered to the Latvian city of Rezekne in 2014. The customer in this case was once more the Dutch company HoSt after previous successful collaboration. The turbine supplied in 2014 was needed for a wood-fired power plant. The plant delivered 3MW of power to the network at 52 bar and 450°C. In turn, 11MW of the heat is conveyed by means of a hot water circuit to a wood drying system in a wood pellet production plant. The wood waste from the pellet production plant is used as fuel for the CHP. 

The last of the M+M turbines was delivered to the Lithuanian city of Kaunas in 2015. In order to extract power from biomass, the steam generated is fed to the turbine which turns the electricity generator where the energy is produced. Steam is then conducted into the condenser where it condenses and gives off thermal energy to the hot water. After condensation, the steam is fed back to the boiler and the cycle is repeated. Additional heat energy is produced in the exhaust gas condenser and likewise transferred to the hot water. This turbine which we supplied has a capacity of 5MW at 60 bar and 480°C and with exhaust steam to heat generation, a thermal capacity of 15MW. 

And that's not all – this year too, M+M has again received two orders for the Baltic states. Again commissioned by the company HoSt, a turbine will be delivered in 2017 to Salaspils with a capacity of 4MW and one to Lizums (both Latvia) with a capacity of 3.1MW.

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