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M+M Turbinen-Technik to deliver turbine for Solar Power

M+M Turbinen-Technik GmbH will deliver a steam turbine generator set for an innovative Integrated Solar Energy System developed by Aalborg CSP in South Australia. The integrated solar energy system will support the end- client, Sundrop Farms’ sustainable horticulture activities in the South Australian desert using sunlight and seawater as the main resources. Multiple technologies are being combined to utilize the given natural resources in the most efficient manner. The solar plant is based on direct steam generation using the Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) tower technology. The emerging steam will be utilized to produce fresh water for the greenhouse by desalinating seawater, and for heating the greenhouse in both wintertime and on cold summer nights. The secondary steam will drive the M+M steam turbine to produce an electrical output of 1500 kW. The delivery of the M+M turbine is scheduled for January 2016.

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